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Become a 10x Software Engineer in 60 days.

An accelerated path for fresh-grad and junior developers to become better, saving you thousands of hours being stuck in the junior developer trap and speed up your career growth in tech.
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The Problem

Problems Junior Developers Are Facing

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I'm not sure if I'm good enough to be hired as software engineer.

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I don't feel ready for the job and I lack real-world projects to showcase my skills.

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I'm not sure if my Degree certificate alone is enough for me to get a job.

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I'm not confident for job interviews.

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I'm not sure what tech companies are looking for.

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I'm lacking the soft skills and lacking confidence to close better jobs.

Junior coders miss out on getting great jobs not because they can't code,

but because they lack that extra oomph, that ability to understand the why's behind how great software engineers solve problems and the ability to synergise with fellow team members across different functions of the company.

Meet Dan, a fresh graduate stuck in the Junior Developer trap.

He wants to work for top companies, however, he seems to always be getting rejected. Not getting responses. Dan realises that everything he's learnt at university is not what companies are asking for. Dan is not sure what he should be focusing on or learning. He does not have any mentors or friends that can journey with him. Thus Dan accepts a role at a company who fits his skills, working on old technologies. Dan takes a junior salary and cannot progress up in his tech skills because he can't get that opportunity at his company. Dan gets stuck in a loop, never able to 10x his skillsets and be a software engineer, instead of a code monkey.

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How Can We Help

We've been on both sides and we know it makes no sense to continue being average.

This course is designed to take you from junior to 10x Software Engineer.

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Learn skills needed by most companies and tech leaders

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Get career advice by our tech mentors and expert software engineers

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Get fast-tracked to our hiring partners for real jobs

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We will guide you to add more projects into your portfolio to showcase your capabilities

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Be part of the growing community of tech leaders, mentors and talents

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Get coached by industry experts, CTOs and tech leads

Why Are We Doing This

Why are we doing The 10x Software Engineer Course?

The world needs more software engineers, not code monkeys. We want to build better developers. One who is truly passionate about software and wants to be at the forefront of tech innovation. To create more innovation, we need better software engineers working on cutting edge problems and technologies. I once worked with a public listed tech company that didn't even use git!! As well as countless fresh grads who haven’t used it even heard of it before. It shouldn’t be this way.

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What Will You gain

What Will You Gain

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Soft Skills

A critical skill for every top developer is being able to communicate their ideas to fellow developers, business teams and bosses. Being able to persuade, influence and communicate clearly is the most important aspect of a great developer.

  • Communication
  • Persuasion
  • Teamwork
  • Pitching

Hard Skills

Knowing the top tech stacks and future proofing yourself with the right technologies is critical. We guide you and teach you all the way through in all the key technologies that are sure to impress any company. We cover unique technologies in the entire stack.

  • Frontend with Svelte
  • Backend with Golang
  • Databases with PostgreSQL
  • DevOps with Docker
Programme Requirements

You are suitable for this programme if:

  • You have created a frontend application.
  • You have created a backend application.
  • You are willing to put in at least 2 hours daily for learning and practice for up to 500+ hours to graduate the programme.
  • You are able to complete the basic algorithm challenges on Freecodecamp.
  • You can pass our admissions assessment.
  • You are passionate about code.
  • You can read and understand English.


Admission Process

How To Join

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1. Apply

Submit your application on our website.

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2. Admissions Test

Complete a quick admissions test to see if you have the required prerequisites. If you do not, you can consider joining Sigma School's Level 2a: Web Development course as a good primer for this course.

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3. Enroll

If you have the required pre-requisites, pay the program fee and complete the onboarding process.

Start Dates

Upcoming Start Dates

Apply now, try it out for yourself. Free if you don't get a job.

Level 3: 10x Software Engineer

Sept 5, 2022

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Apply by: Aug 29, 2022Enroll by: Sept 2, 2022

Meet some of our instructors

Deric Yee
Co-founder & CEO
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Head of Backend
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Head of Frontend
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Full Stack Instructor
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kee ming yu
Ming Yu
Co-founder & CTO
Find out more
Head of Cloud
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yap yee qiang
Yap Yee Qiang
Head of Fundamentals
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Head of Mobile App
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Pricing & Payment Options


Sigma School provides a direct path to a high paying tech job—without the time commitment and financial risk of traditional higher education. You can choose the way that makes the most sense for your circumstances, needs, and ambitions so you can begin your path toward a career that is both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

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20% Off

Normal Price

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Payment Options

Full payment (Upfront)
Pay a one-time fixed payment at a discount.
Full payment (Installments)
Pay in 3 monthly installments.
Income Sharing Agreement (ISA)
Pay a small deposit upfront, and the remainder when you get a job, plus a premium to Sigma School.

Ongoing Promotions

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Early Launch Offer

Additional 30% off with code “EARLYSIGMA”.

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Tuition Assistance

In our mission to encourage people to not go in debt for higher education for the sake of a job, we're giving additional  cash back if you do not and will not have a university degree. We will process the cash back within 7 working days.

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Referral Offer

Refer your friends! Referrer and referee both gets cash incentive of . Directly into your bank account within 14 days. Find out more here.

Our Alumni

What Did They Say About Sigma School?

Sigma Labs

Sigma Labs

Participate in our in-house apprenticeship program by building real-world projects in a small team, either with contract projects or our hiring partners, where you're trained on-the-job, directly to solve their hiring pain points.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should join?
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Entry-level self-taught coders or computer Science students who recently graduated, or currently at final semester at college or university are welcome to apply!

Who will be teaching?
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This course is a mix of peer to peer learning style with existing mentors guiding you on specific modules of the course. We have our in house staff and coders that will be conducting the physical workshops.

Is this course fully online or fully physical?
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This course is 100% remote, equipped with the best practices of remote working in mind!

Are you guaranteeing me a job after the course? How can you do that?
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We are actively hiring for good developers for ourselves and our local and international partner companies. We will work with you to increase your worth as a junior developer. If you commit to the goal and challenges we set, you will definitely be able to do it too.

What are the pre-requisites and requirements for me to join the course? How will I know I'm good enough?
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You should have created both a frontend and backend web application before. You should also have a good understanding of computational thinking in Javascript and be able to solve some algorithm challenges on your own. Thus, basic programming and english language knowledge is required. You will also need a laptop.

How many hours am I expected to be putting into the course?
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You will need to give 500+ hours to complete the programme.

What will I be learning during the course?
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You will learn a mix of frontend, backend and devops to turn you into a truly full stack developer. The technologies you will learn will be modern and cutting edge tech stacks that most top startups will be looking out for. On top of that, you will be learning software design and architecture to learn how tech leaders think.

How is the course structured?
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It's a mix of self-learning, peer-to-peer learning and workshop group work style. Yu will be learning on your own through our guided videos and tutorials, as well as our live workshops where you will be learning together with your peers in a fun engaging environment.

Will I receive a certificate?
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Yes. All graduates will receive Certificate of Completion will be provided upon passing all of our evaluation and completion of the course.

How does the refund work?
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View the refund policy here:

How does the job placement work?
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If you graduate from the course, you will be offered a role at RM4.5K+ with Sigma School (Sigma Labs) or a partner firm.

What kind of jobs will I be doing if I get the role?
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You will be working on various projects either for Sigma School (Sigma Labs), or working with one of our partners from different companies, as a frontend/backend/full stack software engineer. Once placed on these projects, you will directly be working with your project manager and team mates.

How soon will i be placed on a job after I have successfully completed the course and went into the job placement program?
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We aim to get you a job as soon as possible. Within 1-2 months of graduation.

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