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Learn cloud development. Be future-ready in tech!

Learn the most in-demand cloud development skills in as little as 3 months. Fast-track your journey to a career in cloud!
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100% free if you don't get a job.

The Affordable, Step-by-step Blueprint To A Career In Cloud

In-depth training & support to get your 1st entry level opportunity or freelance gig! No previous experience or education required.

Take Control Of Your Future And Change Your Life In 2022

All the tools, training, and support you need to get an entry level tech job in cloud and leverage that into a high paying career, without going in debt or spending 4 years in the classroom for the same result.

A Complete Cloud Career Blueprint

academic debt
Build an awesome portfolio
Showcase your skillsets by collaborating with your team on a range of individual/group projects.
Get working experience
Get real-world experience working on an internship or probation with real companies.
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Get a job
Job-oriented training, not meaningless theory. Turn the skills you've learned into an actual job, then leverage that into a career!
Here's How It Works

Get Skills. Get Hired. Get Paid.

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100% free if you don't get a job after you graduate.
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Our final part of the programme includes Sigma Labs, which ensures our students go through real-world apprenticeship/project opportunities to work with real teams and new tech stacks.
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Learn by pair programming and collaborating on group projects, project reviews & career guidance preparation with other students in real time, just as you would with colleagues of a distributed team in a real company.
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We innovate on the model to be able to give students an extremely affordable option to education, with a 100% money back guarantee if they don't get a job. It incentivize us to focus on what matters - getting jobs for our students! Students work with accountability partners and student mentors remotely to learn remote workflows and acquire the collaboration and communication skills necessary to join remote companies.
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Our #1 success metric is getting students good enough to be matched to jobs or paid gigs. Our dedicated careers team will work with you to improve your portfolio, resume and online presence, and get ready for job interviews. Then, we help them find and apply to competitive jobs worldwide and negotiate job offers.
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Lifetime Access & Unlimited Support
Get full lifetime access to all future updates (we're adding in tons of awesome stuff!). On top of that, receive full support from our dedicated Student Success Team, Mentors, Career Coaches, Programme Leads and more, for 18 months!

Why are we doing this?

academic debt
Insane student debts.
$1.58 trillion student debt outstanding in the U.S. alone.
Graduates can't find jobs.
1 in 2 graduates can't find a job in their 1st year of graduation, many are working in jobs unrelated in their degree.
Low course completion.
Only 4 in 100 students completed their online courses in 2020.
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Employers are struggling to hire.
2 in 3 technology leaders are struggling to hire good tech talents.
Educators are not held accountable.
Almost ALL educators are not held accountable to secure their students job. They get paid regardless.

Programme Objectives & Goals

At Sigma School, we start with the end goal in mind and optimise the learning experience to cater to help our students achieve certain objectives. Here are some of the things our graduates can go on to do after graduating from Sigma School.

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Get employed in local/remote tech jobs.

Secure a stable position in companies working as software developers, ui/ux designers, mobile app developers, full stack web developer, project manager, and so on!

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Start onboarding clients & freelancing.

Get a taste to the remote, digital nomad lifestyle.

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Build your own tech startup.

Whatever ideas you have, bring it to life. Build a minimum-viable-product, onboard users, raise funding and start making impact!

How Are We Different?

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Cloud Curriculum

Sigma School provides a direct path to a high paying tech job—without the time commitment and financial risk of traditional higher education. You can choose the way that makes the most sense for your circumstances, needs, and ambitions so you can begin your path toward a career that is both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Click here to receive the full curriculum in our Student Booklet.

Click here to receive the full curriculum in our Student Booklet.

Click here to receive the full curriculum in our Student Booklet.

Click here to receive the full curriculum in our Student Booklet.

Click here to receive the full curriculum in our Student Booklet.

Click here to receive the full curriculum in our Student Booklet.

Click here to receive the full curriculum in our Student Booklet.

Click here to receive the full curriculum in our Student Booklet.

Click here to receive the full curriculum in our Student Booklet.

Click here to receive the full curriculum in our Student Booklet.

Click here to receive the full curriculum in our Student Booklet.

Click here to receive the full curriculum in our Student Booklet.

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Learn By Building

Upcoming Start Dates

Upcoming Start Dates

Apply now, try it out for yourself. Free if you don't get a job.

Level 2b: Cloud Development

Aug 6, 2022

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Apply by: Jul 30, 2022Enroll by: Aug 3, 2022

Meet some of our instructors

Deric Yee
Co-founder & CEO
Head of Backend
Head of Frontend
Full Stack Instructor
kee ming yu
Ming Yu
Co-founder & CTO
Head of Cloud
yap yee qiang
Yap Yee Qiang
Head of Fundamentals
Programme Benefits

If You Have The Drive, We Have The Plan To Get You Working In Tech

This transition to a new career path in tech doesn't start with us. It starts with the drive and passion within you. Our job is to use our experience and tools to add fuel to your fire. To manifest that passion and help you get your first tech job.

Excel With The Most In Demand Coding Skills
Become proficient in the language of engineers. Front end and back end development, cloud infrastructure, data structures & algorithms plus Agile Software Development to become a competent, job-ready software developer.
High-Value Networking
Learn with ambitious peers, regular live Q&A sessions with experts in the Tech industry as well as access to Sigma School's powerful network of alumni, hiring partners and strategic partners.
Project-based Learning
Instead of classes or courses, we have tons of related challenges/projects that last from minutes to days to months designed to challenge you and make sure you truly understand the learning materials. Some projects are worked on individually while others are done in groups with peers, with the intention of maximising your individual tech skills and soft skills.
Lifetime Access & Unlimited Support
From learning new topics to building your cv to acing your job interview, we got you covered with an end-to-end career support team with 1 goal - getting you jobs!
Maximum Learning Flexibility
You move at your own pace, so you may start and finish modules/projects whenever it is convenient for you. We recognise that everyone learns at a different pace and commitments. Some pupils do it in a month, while others take a year. In either case, we're here to help and pace you based on your learning pace.
Fellowship Programme Throughout Asia
After you graduate, choose a technical case study or work directly with companies across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia (and more!) for four weeks to experience working in the real-world, accelerate your learning and maximise your chances of landing a job!
Certificate of Completion upon graduation
Even though our network of employers value experience, grit & attitude more than certifications, all graduates will still receive a graduation certificate vetted by our hiring partners.
A Revolutionary Online Social-Learning System
Get everything you need, all in one place. Access your Student Booklet, recordings, class, points, exam access, challenges, projects and get in touch with mentors right away.

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Tuition Assistance

In our mission to encourage people to not go in debt for higher education for the sake of a job, we're giving additional RM100 cash back if you do not and will not have a university degree. We will process the cash back within 7 working days.

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Referral Offer

Refer your friends! Referrer and referee both gets cash incentive of RM150. Directly into your bank account within 14 days. Find out more here.

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What Did They Say About Sigma School?

Sigma Labs

Sigma Labs

Participate in our in-house apprenticeship program by building real-world projects in a small team, either with contract projects or our hiring partners, where you're trained on-the-job, directly to solve their hiring pain points.

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Learn to code.
Be a better version of yourself.

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