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The Ultimate Developer Starter Bundle

Everything you need to land a tech job, even as a complete beginner. Backed by years of experience and 100s working in tech jobs.

  • Personalized tech career pathway planning tool.
  • Ready-to-edit CV & Portfolio Templates.
  • Job/freelancing CRM Template.
  • First Tech Job Checklist.
  • Bonus #1: 50+ resources (guides & lessons) to break into tech.
  • Bonus #2: Pitch Deck Content Builder & Investment Memo (For Technopreneurs).
ultimate dev starter bundle
Why we have built the Developer Starter Kit

A solid ‘go-to-market’ strategy can change everything.

Having a proper plan is the difference between building a profitable, scalable tech career and working in a miserable company. Many young developers end up working in jobs they hate, earning unsatisfactory salaries and getting stuck in the rat race.

A solid career plan can change that.

The Ultimate Developer Starter Bundle

Simple & powerful tools you can use to land a tech job – even as a complete beginner.

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Save Time

Use our CV templates that actually works. Stand out from the crowd with our tried-and-tested templates. No more guessing and wasting time editing your CV.

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Stop Guessing

Get 50+ of our best resources (guides & lessons), including real case studies from our students. See their strategy for applying for jobs & ace tech interviews.

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Negotiate Less

Haggling for bigger salaries sucks. It’s stressful and you probably hate doing it. Prevent it all together and earn a bigger salary with a great CV.

Template Preview

Have a closer look at all tools from the Developer Starter Kit now!

Simple Yet Powerful Tools You Can Use To Break Into tech, Even If You Are A Complete Beginner

Landing your first tech job/project is one of the greatest feelings you can experience as an aspiring developer. There is simply nothing else like it. That's because when you land your first tech job, you get to enjoy financial stability, a sense of accomplishment, and the start of a promising career path.

However, there are many obstacles you have to overcome before you can get there. Not only do you have to learn coding, build a portfolio, and ace interviews - but you also have to break into the tech industry, which can be the most difficult challenge of all. All of this can leave you falling well short of the mark and stop you from ever landing your first tech job.

Fortunately, though, landing your first tech job doesn't have to be as challenging as you think. Far from it, in fact. Simply by implementing the right tried-and-tested techniques, you can land your first tech job without experiencing any of the common frustrations.

How would we know? Because, at Sigma School, we're experts at helping aspiring developers land their first tech job quickly.

Over the past 3 years, we've trained and worked with 100+ students, with many who eventually landed jobs and served 6-7 figure project clients without the years of hard work and trial and error most people usually have to suffer through.

We've prepared this Dev Starter Bundle to share some of the powerful industry secrets we've accumulated during our time in the tech industry. The information you're about to read will help you land your first tech job while making sure you avoid lack of experience, not knowing where to start, fear of interviews.

By the time you've finished ready, you'll have all the information you need to kickstart your journey to success and break into tech!

Let's get started!

How This Works

Here's all the tried-and-tested techniques you need to directly plug and play to your specific needs!

personalised calendar
You need a realistic timeline and roadmap

Personalised Coda Calendar & Pathway to Job

What is the difference between successful developers and the mediocre ones? Successful developers ALWAYS have a plan.

Use our unique-to-you tool that suggest a career pathway according to your time commitment, current skill level and earning goals. The tool will show you a realistic pathway to achieving your goal and how long it will take.

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You need a job application pipeline

Job/Freelancing CRM

Whether you plan to land a job or go out as a freelancer, our CRM template helps you stay on track – and hitting your goals faster.

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job checklist
You need a job application pipeline

First Tech Job Checklist

Follow along your personal checklist keep track of your task list and progress. Complete it and you’re well on your way to become a software developer!

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Pitch and brand yourself well

CV & Portfolio Website Templates

Don’t waste time trying figuring out an attractive CV. Use our tried-and-tested CV & portfolio templates. Update it with your info, portfolio and instantly stand out of the crowd. See real-life CV and cover letter that our student sent to an actual company. The only thing we scrubbed out of the document is the client’s information. See how she prepared her CV, wrote her cover later and what happened during the interview process, and more.

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CV and Portfolio Website Templates
learning resources
Learn from the best

Bonus #1: 50+ learning resources

Expanded guides, lessons and bonus materials that will help you learn tech, land jobs and close projects. Includes our top tools we use a developers, that will impress your employer.

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Have a clear pitching strategy

Bonus #2: Pitch Deck Content Builder + Investment Memo (For technopreneurs)

Securing a tech job not for you? Gain a thorough understanding of the content that should be included on each presentation. Use our instructions to gather all of the information you'll need to develop the material for your pitch deck, which you can then document directly in this tool.

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Pitch Deck Content Builder + Investment Memo

But what do others think?

"Absolutely smitten by the Ultimate Developer Starter Bundle! A total game-changer for stepping into tech, and trust me, it outshines those pricey $10,000 courses! Loving it!"
Digital Marketeer at Sigma School
"Definitely a game-changer for fresh computer science grads! The Ultimate Developer Starter Bundle provides essential tools, best practices, and blueprints to jumpstart your tech career, land freelance projects, and pitch startup ideas. A must-have resource for aspiring developers."
Software Developer at
"Immersing myself in the tech world as a student, the Ultimate Developer Starter Bundle has been an absolute game-changer. It's far more insightful and practical than any other resources I've encountered. An essential toolkit that's making my journey into tech both exciting and manageable - loving it!"
kar wi
Kar Wi
Business Student at Inti College
"Highly recommend this Dev Starter Bundle. As someone who comes from a business background, I have spent hours researching and reading materials about how to land a tech job and got so confused and frustrated. Now, Sigma School has made it so easy to track, easy-to-follow and such deep insights about the industry. It saves me HOURS of research. Plus, the personal calendar motivates me daily to step closer to my first tech job!"
Digital Marketing Executive at Birmingham City University Vietnam
"SigmaSchool's Dev Starter Kit has truly transformed my tech journey. As a beginner with no prior experience, this kit has been instrumental in speeding up my path to a successful career in the industry. With its comprehensive resources and expert guidance, SigmaSchool has empowered me to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the tech world. The Dev Starter Kit is a remarkable tool that has made my dreams of a thriving tech career more attainable than ever before."
Student at Sigma School
"This is a serious growth hack for developers who are serious about building their careers. You can’t find these type of materials anywhere else."
Founder at DailyCMO
"The Bundle is an absolute game-changer for software project engineers! As someone who understands the intricacies and demands of the role, I can confidently say that this comprehensive package is a must-have resource for any software project engineer looking to level up their skills and excel in their career."
Software Project Engineer at VnResource
"The Developer Starter Bundle is a game-changer! Packed with invaluable resources, it fast-tracks your journey into tech, freelancing, or startup success. No experience? No problem!"
Student at Sigma School
"As a digital marketeer, I’ve always been limited by the technical parts of my job. That led me to a strong interest in tech and this has helped me understand what it takes to get there faster! As a complete beginner in tech, this has been a game changer."
Digital Marketeer at

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy the Developer Starter Kit?
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The Developer Starter Kit allows you to strategise, organise and manage your personal goals in tech quickly and efficiently, regardless if it is to land a job in tech, start freelancing or building your own tech startup. You may quickly add your own information by using our pre-built components and templates. This will save you hours of work and increase the likelihood of you achieving success in landing a job in tech, freelancing or building your own tech startup.

What is included in the download?
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You will receive a link to the workspace after purchasing the template. You may quickly clone the entire package into your own and get started.

List of contents:

  • Personalised Coda Calendar & Pathway to Job - Unique-to-you tool that helps you keep track of everything
  • Job/Freelancing CRM Template - Template to structure your job/freelance application pipeline
  • Pitch Deck Content Builder (For technopreneurs) - Use our guidelines to build the perfect content for your pitch deck
  • Fundraising Guide (For technopreneurs) - Our own guide to raising an investment
  • Investment Memo & Updates (For technopreneurs) - Use our template to update your investors with an investment memorandum
  • First Tech Job Checklist - Prepare upfront for all you need to break into tech
  • FAQ Template for Self Improvement - Build your own fundraising question & answer database
  • CV Templates & Portfolio Website Templates - Our impressive templates that you can use to plug-and-play immediately.
  • Resources List (50+ best resources to break into tech)

Here's What's Included In This Template

Everything you need to present yourself professionally and land your job or close your projects with clarity.

Personalised Automated Calendar & Pathway to Job (Worth $99)
Job/Freelancing CRM Template (Worth $79)
First Tech Job Checklist (Worth $27)
FAQ Template for Self Improvement (Worth $9)
CV Templates (Worth $49)
Impressive Portfolio Website Templates (Worth $99)
Pitch Deck Content Builder (For technopreneurs) (Worth $179)
Investment Memo & Updates (For technopreneurs) (Worth $49)
Bonus #1: Self-study Resources List
Bonus #2: Fundraising Guide (For technopreneurs)

Total Worth:$590

For early birds (limited time only),
the Ultimate Developer Starter Bundle is only...

USD 59


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