Learn to code. Graduate. Get a tech job — or you pay $0.

Gain the skills to become an international software developer. Train remotely and get hired by global companies.100% free if you don't land a job.

We help you transform your life, with tech

Our students are from countries all over the world. When you join us, you’ll learn with a diverse, driven community, and connect to life-changing opportunities.
"Would give 10 stars if I could. Definitely worth the time and the money, you would learn a lot of new tech stuff. Even with me being here in the Philippines and them being based on Malaysia, I had no issue in regards to classes and they always provide help anytime. I have managed to 2x my salary I was getting before joining them!"
michael munar
Michael Munar 🇵🇭
Back End Developer at Limitd.io
"Enrolled in their beta program without any prior knowledge in full stack web development and it helped me to land my first two SWE internships as a Y1 student. The learning community is super diverse and supportive as well that it ensures no one is left behind in their self-taught journey! Would definitely recommend to give it a try and upskill yourself in these trying times."
clement tee
Clement Tee 🇲🇾
Machine Learning Associate at Sentient.io
"I joined their beta programme in July 2021. Prior to that I had no experience in coding whatsoever. Within 5 months I have gathered enough knowledge to get me into an internship as a frontend developer! Honestly, enrolling in their course was one of the best decisions I have made. I was introduced to a great community with so many talents. There was always someone to help me in my coding problems and whenever I had self doubt there was always someone to help me get rid of it. I'm happy to turn my lockdown "Hustle" into a new career."
mohammaed moatasem
Mohammed Moatasem 🇮🇶
Software Development Intern at The Hacker Collective

A revolutionary learning experience

We invest in you. Our team works with employers to understand their needs, then teach you those in-demand skills. At Sigma School, you'll get the work experience to grow a rewarding career.
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Completely free if you don't get a job - no matter what country you’re in.
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Learn through pair programming, group projects, career coach guidance, and project reviews. Take online classes with live instruction.
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Complete hands-on coding projects with personalized feedback and reviews.
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Connect with global jobs after gaining experience working on a remote team.
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Receive support from our dedicated Student Success Team, mentors, a personal career coach, and more.
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Immerse yourself in our comprehensive learning curriculum.

Be hired by the Best in the Region

Participate in our in-house apprenticeship program by building real-world projects in a small team, either with contract projects or our hiring partners, where you're trained on-the-job, directly solving their hiring pain points.
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A World-Class Curriculum In Software Development

During your time with us, you'll develop your technical skills by building software projects & improve your soft skills you need to do well in remote teams.

Sigma School curates a curriculum that helps you learn the most in-demand skills in software so you can get a great job, no matter where you live.
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Here's What You Will Learn

Companies using the same tech stacks

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Invest in your future. 100% free if you're not employed!

Land a life-changing job as a software developer! Payment for the program will be insignificant compared to what you earn as an international software developer!
*This graph serves only as a visual aid. It does not reflect real data.

The Learning Experience With Sigma School

Community, peer-learning, accountability systems & support are at the core of your Sigma School Experience. Leverage on the best practices of real-world remote working.
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Coding Fundamentals Programme

Your Collaborative Experience

Don't learn alone! Become a part of one of the world's most sociable and collaborative learning environment at Sigma School.

You will gain knowledge through working together with your peers on group projects, daily meetings, and remote pair programming throughout the programme.
Learn more
team discussion

Work in a team to build a real product.

Our Job Prep module is our "secret sauce." It's a part of our curriculum that gives you hands-on experience with real companies. Just like in a job, you will onboard, meet your team, and work together to build and ship a product.
You'll be able to :
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Build a real product
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Collaborate with students with complementary skills
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Add real work to your portfolio
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Participate in stand-ups and code reviews
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Gain actual real-world experience
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Graduate job-ready with the confidence to get hired.

We'll work with you throughout your program and after graduation to help you polish your portfolio, practice interviewing and more to land a job that fits your goals.
You'll be able to :
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Work closely with our Career Coaches
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Develop job hunt skills: networking, interviewing, negotiating and more
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Connect to our exclusive network of employers
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Share and get advice in our nationwide alumni community
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Get ongoing career support as part of the Sigma School family
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A Supportive Learning Environment

In addition to your classmates, our student success team, a student mentor, and a personal career coach will be there to help you along the way.
As you progress through the programme, you'll receive all the support you need. From project reviews and managing tough questions to helping you negotiate job offers and get ready for interviews, you'll be in good company, from day 1.
Learn more

Application Process

We don't believe in long and windy application processes. We deliberately keep ours simple & straightforward. However, we understand that different students have different background, commitments levels and end-goals and we try our best to cater to them!


Fill up a simple form with some personal details about yourself to get started. Intereted? Click here to start!

Coding Basics Experience (Optional)

Get a taste of the self-paced Coding Basics Experience by learning and working with peers to build the skills you need to solve the coding challenges in the assessment!

Coding Assessment (Optional)

    You can try as many times as you wish!

  • If you tried learning to code and have some experience, you may choose to complete the grant assessment to apply for up to 70% Grants & Learn-Now-Pay-Later (Pay $0 until you get a job. This is not launched yet. Coming soon!).

  • If you're a beginner with no knowledge of code, you can skip this and proceed directly with enrollment!

Enroll As A Student

After you enrolled, just sit back and relax. We'll send a representative to welcome you, introduce you to the team and bring you on our onboarding process.

Tuition Options

Each student is different and we want to provide the most optimal plans that suits you best.

Pay Your
Tuition Upfront

100% beginner friendly. No entry requirements.
You may choose to pay the upfront tuition in 3 installments. The first installment of  will be due when you enroll.
If you graduate and don't get a job paying at least /month, your tuition will be fully refunded via our Money Back Guarantee.

Get A
Study Grant

Up to70%

Coding Assessment is required. Beginners can join the unique  Coding Basics Experience for free to prepare for the Coding Assessment.
If you graduate and don't get a job paying at least /month, your tuition will be fully refunded via our Money Back Guarantee.

Income Sharing

Coming soon!

Coding Assessment is required. Beginners can join the unique  Coding Basics Experience for free to prepare for the Coding Assessment.
Pay  0 upfront, after you get a job earning at least  per month, pay us back 10% of your income until you reach a  cap.
Apply Now

Payment Models

Full payment (Upfront)
Pay a one-time fixed payment at a discount.
Full payment (Installments)
Pay in 3 monthly installments.
Complete Grant Assessment. Get up to 70% off & Learn-Now-Pay-Later (Pay $0 until you get a job) schemes!
Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) - Coming soon.
Pay only when you get a job. Once you earn at least  per month, you pay us back 10% of your salary until you reach a  cap.

Ongoing Promotions

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Early Adopters

40% off all courses now.
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For students who have have some experience already, complete the Grant Assessments and get up to 70% off off & Learn-Now-Pay-Later (Pay $0 until you get a job) schemes (Not launched yet. Coming soon)
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Refer your friends! Referrer and referee both gets cash incentive of . Directly into your bank account within 14 days. Find out more here.