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Our 100% Job Or Money Back Guarantee

We want to see you achieve your goals and we are 100% committed to help you so long you are committed to put in the effort! It is not an easy journey, but with a good attitude, an open mind, you will be able to make it happen.

We’re so confident that our programs provide a direct path to a tech job that we offer this 100% job or money back guarantee to our students.

How does our refund work?

If you qualify for our 100% Money Back Guarantee requirements and still don’t get a job offer paying RM3,000 a month for Level 2 Programmes or RM4,200 a month for Level 3 Programmes within 365 days after graduation, we will refund 100% of received tuition fees back to you.
To qualify, graduates must meet and maintain eligibility as outlined below:
  • You graduated from your Sigma School program within a maximum of 18 months from your date of enrollment, receiving a Certificate of Completion.
  • You are legally authorized to work in the country that you wish to seek employment in.
  • You chose to pay the full tuitions upfront or via installments on your own & did not receive financial aid, grants or pay-later plans from Sigma School or Sigma School funding partners.
  • You actively applied for jobs after you graduated but still fail to get a paid job offer within 365 days of graduation. Actively applying means: You actively contribute to your public Github profile, you apply and follow up to an average of 10 jobs per week.
  • If all of the above applies and you do not get a job, or any combination of jobs, paying RM3,000 or more (for Level 2 programmes) per month or RM4,200 or more (for Level 3 programmes) per month, simply send in a request for your 100% Money Back Refund and you will be refunded 100% of your tuition fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Sigma School tuition options are eligible for the Money Back Guarantee?
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The following tuition options are eligible for the Money Back Guarantee: full upfront tuition (lump sum payment or multiple installments). If you have received financial aid, grants or pay-later plans from Sigma School or Sigma School funding partners, you will not be eligible for the Money Back Guarantee at this time.

What are the Career Commitments required by the Money Back Guarantee?
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The primary commitments are that you must apply for 10 jobs with follow-up and actively make GitHub contributions to your public GitHub profile each week.

Are international learners eligible for the Money Back Guarantee?
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Yes, all students who meet the Money Back Guarantee terms above will be eligible for a full refund.

Do I have to take the first job I'm offered that's more than RM3,000/month (for Level 2 Programmes) or RM4,200/month (for Level 3 Programmes)?
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Receiving an offer that generates at least RM3,000 a month makes you ineligible for the Money Back Guarantee. You are under no legal obligation to accept your first offer, and may continue to recruit and interview for additional roles. However, you will not be eligible for the Money Back Guarantee if you turn down the the offer and do not receive any subsequent offers.

If I end up getting my tuition back, how will it be paid back to me?
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If you are approved for the refund, Sigma School will refund any tuition payments to Sigma School within 30 days, directly to your bank account or Paypal account.

How does Sigma School help me get a job?
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From the start of your journey as a Sigma School student, you will be prepared for the with job-readiness in mind. Throughout your programme, you'll complete professional development tasks to help you establish your career path. You'll work with our Career Coaches after graduation to prepare for interviews, grow your network, and find and apply for employment. In addition to our nationwide alumni network, you'll be connected to career possibilities in Sigma School hiring network that fit your requirements and abilities. You are expected to work on your job search independently, in addition to the career help given by Sigma School (e.g., submitting applications, conducting outreach and networking, preparing for interviews, brushing up on technical skills).