Invest In Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today!

Join the exclusive network of Sigma School's Talent Angels and invest in top talents, get paid back a percentage of their salary for a fixed duration when they start working.
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Maximise ROI
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Students are struggling to finance their education.

Higher education tuition debt is growing all-time-high, yet graduates are struggling to get jobs and employers worldwide are struggling to hire good talents.
We're on a mission to solve this.

100% tuition-free if our students don't get a job after they graduate.
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Become a Talent Angel!

Through the Talent Angel program, Sigma School gives you an exclusive opportunity to realise significant social impact while making positive ROI. How? By investing in our learners and making getting a percentage of their salary for a fixed duration when they start working.

If they don't manage to get a job after they graduate, you get all your money back.

Why should you become a Talent Angel?

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Unique chance

to make real life impact by providing opportunities to talented students that will become leaders.
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Make good annual returns

by investing in a carefully selected pool of high potential students with promising futures.
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Immune to inflation

from a diversified investment thanks to the use of Income Share Agreements.