Driven. Passionate. Down To Earth. Meet Our Team.

We started Sigma School because we believe that the current education system is broken.

Students are struggling to get jobs and struggling to pay back their student loans, yet employers are still struggling to hire good talents.

There is a massive, growing tech talent-skill mismatch in the world right now and almost ALL educators are not held accountable to help their students secure jobs.

They simply have no incentive to ensure their
graduates get hired – they get paid regardless.

We're a squad of education-focused hustlers who
know what life's like on the other side,
and we're on a mission to fix this.
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Our vision: To accelerate the world’s progression to have coders in every household, empowering individuals of all ages and backgrounds to create, innovate, and thrive in the digital world.

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We believe there is a better approach to education.

By innovating on the learning model to cut cost, we effectively enable ourselves focus on what matters - getting our students jobs, while doing it at scale to enable us to invest in untapped talents to unlock a whole new pool of competent talents for the world.

By sharing the risk behind getting a job with our students, we effectively align the incentives of the school with the incentives of our students – and we all win only when our graduates succeed.

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Our growth journey that led to Sigma School

Beta Launch

Co-founders Deric & Ming got to know each other and started working together on running physical coding groups & online coding tutorials to our awesome early adopters at The Hacker Collective.
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Learning & Growth

Continued on the initial efforts and ran multiple tests to truly understand the pain points of our students.

Working on multiple startup projects & ventures, with lots of learnings along the way that brought us back to solve the problem of skills gap between employees and employers.
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Official Launch

We're officially launching Sigma School and we're on a mission to redefine the way people learn & get jobs.
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What makes us different?

We are focused on innovating on the education model by reducing costs while investing in successfully matching our students to real jobs.


100% free if you don't get a job.


Curriculum changes directly based on company/industry needs. Learn multiple programming languages and Computer Science fundamentals, through working on real projects with other students around the world.


Learn by pair programming and collaborating on group projects, project reviews & career guidance preparation with other students in real time, just as you would with colleagues of a distributed team in a real company.


Students work with accountability partners and large, global network of support from their peers, which also helps them learn remote workflows and acquire the collaboration and communication skills necessary to join a global/remote role.


Our dedicated careers team will work with you to improve their portfolio, resume and online presence, and get ready for job interviews. Then, we help them find and apply to competitive jobs worldwide and negotiate job offers.

Lifetime Access.

Receive lifetime access to ALL Sigma School's exclusive events, assets and learning materials.

Unlimited Support.

Receive support from our dedicated Student Success Team, mentors, a personal career coach, and more (for a period of 18 months!).

Meet our founder


Deric Yee

Founder & CEO
After my studies in the UK a few years ago, I was exposed to the world of venture capital & tech startups. I saw how bad the shortage of tech talents were, but didn't put much thought to it until I came back to Malaysia.

I quit my previous role to focus fully on learning to code. It was really difficult and I didn't have much options because I couldn't afford bootcamps or university.

In my 6 months of learning, I have managed to assist my friends who graduated with a degree in IT on their technical assessments and landed multiple software projects.

Students are struggling to pay back university debt and struggling to get hired, yet employers are struggling so much to hire good talents.

That's when I realised how broken the system is. There is a massive, growing tech talent-skill mismatch in the world right now and almost ALL educators are not held accountable to help their students secure jobs.

I started Sigma School to change that. I'm on a mission to help people land jobs regardless of their backgrounds & redefine the education system to allow us to invest in untapped talent to unlock a whole new pool of competent talents for the world.

Meet the squad


Deric Yee

Founder & CEO
5 Years of Software Development Experience
Taught to over 100 students
Bachelors in Lancaster University
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Jing Yong

Head of Level 1: Coding Fundamentals
6+ years of teaching experience
2+ years of building online co-learning ecosystems, built SigmaVerse
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Head of Level 2a: Frontend Development
Payboy SG, University of London
3 years of software development
payboy logouniversity of london logo

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Head of Cloud
Microsoft, Tapway, University of California (Davis)
3 years of software development
microsoft logotapway logouniversity of california davis logo

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Frontend Mentor
2 years of software development
At Age 15, built a music player app that has over 10,000 downloads
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Sales & Marketing Specialist

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Software Developer

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ren jie

Ren Jie

Software Developer Intern

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chin wei


Software Development Student Intern

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chung mang jie

Chung Mang Jie

Software Developer & Instructor

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Haris Samingan

General Partner
ex-Google Developer Expert
5 Years of Software Development Experience
Taught in Top Singapore Universities
google logonanyang technological university logosingapore management university logo

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Head of Level 2b: Backend Development
7 years of software development
Involved in AirAsia super app development, with over 40 million downloads
airasia logomonash university logo

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Head of Level 2c: Mobile App Development

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Full Stack Instructor
Epic Startups
7+ years of software engineering experience
epic startups logocarmine logo

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Business Development Specialist

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Digital Marketeer

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Digital Marketing Specialist

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kar wi

Kar Wi

Sales & Marketing Intern

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Cassie Ngan Huynh

Digital Marketing Specialist

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Harry Duong

Software Development Student Intern

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Ambitious underdogs

We are looking for people that are not afraid of the unknown and are hungry to explore, learn & execute. Every day is always Day 1 for us. We fight with our founders against the odds – to build game-changing businesses.
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Energetic advocates

Every day we spread enthusiasm and positivism about the future with others. We love to see opportunities where others see challenges. We deeply care about technology and what we do – and we expect the same from you.
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Humble teamplayers

Empathy and a “down-to-earth” mentality are essential for us and our collaboration as a team. We deeply respect the journey founders undertake and we aim to be there with them – during the sunny and the rainy days.

Our Values

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1. Ownership

We take responsibility for our work and are committed to achieving our goals. We hold ourselves accountable for our results and work collaboratively to overcome challenges.
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2. Speed

We embrace change and adapt quickly to new challenges and opportunities. We stay nimble and flexible to respond to market trends and customer needs.
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3. Innovation

We are passionate about creating new solutions and pushing boundaries. We encourage creativity and experimentation and are not afraid to take risks to achieve our vision.
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4. Continuous Learning

We are committed to developing our skills and knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. We seek out new ideas and perspectives and are always looking for ways to improve our processes and products.
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5. Teamwork

We value collaboration and communication and work together to achieve our goals. We foster a culture of trust and respect, where everyone's ideas are heard and valued.
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6. Community

We believe in giving back to our local community and supporting causes that align with our values. We strive to build relationships with our customers, partners, and stakeholders and make a positive impact on the world.
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7. First Pricinples First

We believe in questioning assumptions and approaching problems from first principles. We break down complex problems into their fundamental components and build solutions from the ground up, rather than relying on pre-existing solutions or conventional wisdom. This allows us to innovate and create truly unique and impactful products.
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8. Customer Focus

We are committed to understanding and serving our customers' needs and delivering products that exceed their expectations. We prioritize customer feedback and use it to continuously improve our products and services. We believe that if our customers win, we all win.
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9. Empathy

We value empathy as an essential component of our culture. We believe that empathy is the key to creating meaningful relationships with our customers, employees, and stakeholders. We strive to understand and connect with others on a personal level, recognizing that everyone has unique needs, goals, and perspectives.

Our Hiring Partners

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