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7 reasons why you should learn Python right now

Sigma School
7th February 2024

Everyone is talking about Python recently, and this is for good reason. Python is now one of the most loved programming languages that is used by developers, data scientists and software engineers because of its versatility, flexibility and it's easy to learn.

If you are looking to upskill yourself and add a new ‘in-demand skill’ to your resume, well, consider learning one programming language.

But, the question is...what language should you learn?

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Of course, there are many programming languages out there for you to choose from, but in our opinion, you cannot go wrong with Python. According to Stack Overflow and GitHub, Python  has become one of the most popular programming languages among the programmers.

If you’re interested in learning Python, here in this post, we will share with you 7 biggest reasons why you should start learning Python, enjoy!

#1 Python is extremely versatile and with multiple uses

Python can be used as an efficiently-written alternative to C, R, and Java 

#2 Python is easy to learn

Python’s syntax was designed to be interpretable and concise

#3 Python developers are in high demand

According to the Developer Survey by StackOverflow, Python was one of the most in-demand technologies of 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. 

#4 Python has a vast community

Python has a large online community to help you in case of programming errors or issues 

#5 Python is portable and extensible

Python programs can easily work on any non-native platforms without making significant changes.

#6 Python has diverse libraries and framework

Wide range of libraries, packages, frameworks and modules for data manipulation, web development, data science, machine learning and etc.

It’s clear that Python is on the rise and with the increasing demand of programming and coding in today’s world, you are really missing something if you don’t know Python. Nevertheless, it is even a great way to start learning experience of coding!

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