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Break Into Tech: Adam Halid's Inspiring Tech Journey And How He Managed To X3 His Salary!

Sigma School
7th February 2024


Welcome to another exciting episode of our "Break into Tech" podcast, where we bring you inspiring stories of individuals who successfully transitioned into the tech industry from diverse backgrounds. In today's episode, we dive into the remarkable journey of Adam Halid, a former mechanical engineer who embarked on a transformative path to a thriving tech career with Sigma School.

Adam Halid's Tech Journey: A Pivotal Testimonial

Adam's story begins two years ago when he found himself at a crossroads, yearning for a different career path in tech. Faced with the challenge of avoiding the traditional degree route, he discovered Sigma School, a decision that would change his remarkable journey. 

Navigating Early Challenges

Before diving into the tech world, Adam had worked in a drone company when he encountered significant obstacles. Salary delays and no prospect of a pay raise left him feeling undervalued. He worked relentlessly only to find that he was being underpaid. An important moment came when his father fell ill, leading him to make the tough call of quitting his job to become his dad's primary caregiver.

Fueling the Change

Adam's decision to transition into the tech industry was driven by a variety of motivations. Foremost among them was his pursuit of financial stability and the prospects of a higher-paying career. Recognizing that the tech sector offered the key to realizing his financial goals, he felt compelled to make the switch. Furthermore, he strongly believed in the future of technology and eagerly wanted to be a part of it. 

Swift Entry into Tech

In a testimony to his dedication and newfound skills, Adam secured a tech job immediately even before completing Sigma School's fundamental model. Interestingly, he didn't actively send out job applications. Instead, he showcased a project he had completed during the course, and a perceptive employer recognized his potential, offering him a position. Remarkably, his Sigma School journey began in late November, and by mid-April, he had successfully transitioned into a tech career. 

A Reflective Journey

Adam's journey prompts a crucial question: “What are the primary concerns for individuals contemplating a mid-career transition, especially those deeply entrenched in their current professions?” When evaluating his own career change, he conducted a thorough analysis of potential losses and gains. With a carefully plan and well-defined objectives, he embarked on this transformative path. 

A Journey Worth Celebrating

Adam Halid's incredible transition from mechanical engineering to a thriving tech career showcases resilience, determination, and the transformative power of tech education. His story inspires career changers and highlights Sigma School's life-changing impact. Notably, Adam tripled his salary on this journey.

Watch the full “Break into Tech" podcast here.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of tech career transitions in our upcoming episode! 

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