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From A Florist Turned Into Web Developer - Explore Sophie's Journey Into Tech

Sigma School
29th September 2023

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Welcome to Sophie's incredible journey, where determination and a thirst for knowledge led her from arranging flowers as a florist to crafting websites as a web developer. In this heartwarming episode of “Break into Tech", we explore how Sophie's passion and Sigma School's support her in the tech industry, demonstrating that anyone can break into tech with the right tools and mindset.

The Dream Begins

Sophie's journey into tech took root while she was creating stunning floral arrangements in a retail setting. She couldn't help but notice the exciting advancements in technology and the opportunities they offered. Inspired by others who had successfully transitioned into tech careers, she decided to embark on her own path.

The Quest for Structure

Like many beginners, Sophie initially dabbled in various online courses. However, she quickly realized that these resources lacked the structure she needed. Without clear guidance, she found herself adrift in a sea of information, unsure of where to start and can easily get demotivated. 

Discovering Sigma School: A Game-Changer

Sophie's quest for structure led her to Sigma School, a place where structured learning takes center stage. Sigma School's carefully crafted curriculum provided her with a daily plan, eliminating the need for extensive self-structuring. This allowed her to dive deeper into learning, free from the burden of excessive planning and the overwhelmed feeling of being surrounded by vast information. 

The Supportive Community Advantage

As she mentioned, one of her most enjoyable parts in this journey with Sigma  School is our vibrant and supportive community. Sophie soon discovered the incredible value of having peers and mentors to turn to when faced with challenges. The Study Buddy program, in particular, opened doors to lasting friendships, forming a network of like-minded individuals.

Crafting a Portfolio and Landing an Internship

After a few months, armed with the projects she completed at Sigma School, Sophie constructed an impressive portfolio. With her newfound skills and a strong portfolio in hand, she set out to secure an internship in web development. Her projects not only showcased her capabilities but also caught the attention of potential employers.

Witnessing Code Come to Life

One of Sophie's most cherished aspects of coding is the sheer joy of seeing her code come to life. Her personal favourite project, a dinosaur game, captivated interviewers who were impressed by her creativity and problem-solving skills.

Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success

Even though her transition into tech was smooth, there were still challenges that Sophie had to learn to overcome. Her journey began in September, and within a few months, she secured an internship opportunity. Despite initial apprehensions, reading the success stories of other students reassured her that she, too, could thrive in the tech industry.

Wisdom for Aspiring Tech Enthusiasts

For those contemplating a career change into tech, Sophie offers invaluable advice. She emphasizes the importance of enrolling in a structured course to avoid the frustration of navigating the learning journey alone. According to Sophie, success in tech revolves more around your skills and determination than on certificates. Everyone progresses at their unique pace, and fear should never deter you from pursuing your dreams.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of tech career transitions in our upcoming episode! 

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