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Get To Know Sigma School's Head of Backend - Pavi!

Sigma School
09/06/2022 08:16AM

Introducing Pavi

I’m currently a Software Engineer at Airasia, I’ve about 6 years of experience in this space. I’ve dabbled in data engineering, and full stack engineering as well. In Airasia, with the transition into the SuperApp, I’ve been able to work on very exciting projects as there is a culture of being technologically agnostic.

Start of Engineering Journey

As with many aspiring engineers, my first intro to programming was Matrix. Obviously, my current working life is nothing like that (thankfully, mostly), however, I knew I wanted to work with computers.

In highschool, I wasn’t always the best student, but again I took an interest in my ICT subject. It  was very basic, touching on topics such as HTML, CSS, some basic JS, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. Eventually, I upgraded to Visual Basic and basic SQL by college.

When I started my ComScience degree, I definitely knew my interests were aligned well with units of the degree. I remember being eager to not only get my assignments done, but also attending lectures (mandatory as an international student though). The main thing I got away from the course was identifying the problem in a certain case study, and dividing the problem so that solving it would be more manageable.

During my last year in university, I was able to get into the IBL (Industrial Based Learning) programme that my university was offering. I interviewed with 3 different companies and was able to land the internship at Monster Technologies. It was a 6 month programme, where I got to work on an internal intranet project and really learn about how a big MNC company works on a day-to-day basis.

Aligning to my vision

For people to even consider switching vocations, it is not only an expensive problem, but also a huge time commitment, I think what Sigma School offers solves both these problems. Additionally, it offers the exact material you would need to be an effective Backend Developer in the field.

Backend Development is a pivotal part of any application development, as it can empower the functionalities of any other application, be it a Web app or Mobile app. If you’ve a knack for solving problems, and an eye for detail, then this could be the path for you.

With that being said, I will ensure that Sigma School’s Backend Development Course is designed to maximize your chances of getting a backend developer, specializing in JS and ExpressJS.

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