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How to begin your journey in cybersecurity

Sigma School
14/04/2022 05:57PM

Remember the WannaCry ransomware attacks? Or perhaps Zoom's security issues?

As more and more people get connected to the internet, the internet turns into a playground for hackers to take advantage of vulnerable or people who are less aware of their "cyber safety". Over the years, global demand of cybersecurity professionals have been steadily increasing.

Do I need a degree in cybersecurity?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! It is really crucial to understand that in this context, technical background isn't really the key here but your willingness and perseverance to never stop learning tech. Having a cybersecurity or a computer science degree is good as it helps prepare your fundamental BUT it does not ensure that you would be "job ready".

So how do I begin?

For starters, start by having a solid understanding of computer networking. For example, understanding how does the internet works.

Here's a little "checklist" on what you have to know:

  • Network ports
  • IP addresses & MAC addresses
  • Internet Protocols
  • Three-way handshake
  • TCP & UDP
  • Internet Suite Protocol and OSI model
  • What is a packet?

And the list goes on and on and on and on and on....

if you're really interested, do checkout this GeeksforGeeeks page as it serves a really good guide for starters to begin learning computer networking.

What's next?

Start by playing around with the machines in TryHackMe. TryHackMe is great for beginners to learn about penetration testing as there are tasks and challenges for every machine

Let's take it up a notch

Time to test yourself by playing around with Hack The Box and VulnHub. These 2 websites have an array of vulnerable machines users can use to experiment their penetration testing skills!

YouTubers like IppsecJohn Hammond and The Cyber Mentor provide great writeups if you're stuck

If you think you're good to go already

Now it's time to apply for a job! Do look to get yourself certified as it "certifies" your understanding in the field. Offensive Security Certified Professional is a really popular one but don't worry about this yet, often times company would be willing to sponsor you to get certifications.

All the best!

Hey, thanks for staying on till the end!

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