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Why learning tech is important in 2021

Sigma School
14/04/2022 05:45PM

As we enter 2021, we are entering into the era of digitalization where learning is more crucial than ever before. Many people overlook at the importance of keeping up in today's world thinking that it is fine- actually it is not. Take a look at Nokia and Kodak today, losing out to their competitors but were once biggest companies in the world.

In case you didn't know, Kodak was a giant in the photography industry in the 70s and had to file for bankruptcy in 2012. The lack of innovationadaptability and affordability have caused them to lose focus while having to face the rise of their digital competitor (Fujifilm back then). I believe learning is crucial and is a never ending  journey that one must not overlook!

In todays’ world, one thing we should take note of is the introduction of the 4IR (4th Industrial Revolution). What is that about?  Is it all about cutting edge technology that will take over our daily activities? Potentially taking the livelihood in us? You are not wrong, but its’ not entirely true either!  It is either you think of it that way or you do something about it such as upskilling yourself, making yourself more competitive, and being part of a change.

You know what grinds my gear? When my peers tell me that they need to pursue a degree (or masters in some case) to go further and do what they truly want! All it takes is just courage, determination and making the time to do so. Gone are the days where a degree certification of a prestigious university secures you a great job. This concept does not work when there is an oversupply of “qualified” people in the workforce. The new boys are in and that is self learning!

Here are the few ways one could learn:

#1 Online Lessons

With the rise of the internet, anything is technically at the tips of your finger. Cat videos, games, education… you name it! However, with great power comes great responsibility. What is your take?

A great interactive educational platform would be PATHFORGE. It is a platform where one can learn and upskill themselves for the lowest cost. By using PATHFORGE, you'll be able to have interactive one to one session which beats most of the weaknesses of other online learning platforms.

PATHFORGE does not finish its job once it finishes teaching you, they try to get opportunities for you. Companies and organisations list down needed skills to be part of their organisation, and if you are interested, you learn the required skills! This would mean less time wasted for a degree that could potentially not teach you anything in your work life!


#2 Look for Learning Materials

You don’t always have to use online learning platforms to learn. Learning comes in all shapes and sizes and this could even be as simple as noticing and analysing how people do things. Even social media can be a good way of learning - what you consume online reflects on who you are!

Books are also a great form of self learning. There are many books and articles out there in the market so the sky is only the limit!

As a fresh graduate, I can tell that the things that I have learnt in school sadly isn’t applicable to what I am doing but I am happy and I would love to learn along the way!


#3 Learning From Your Mistakes

Last but not least, don’t worry about making mistakes! It’s all part of the process! Many great people such as Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant were once told they were not good enough to be the best. Look at where they are today!

This is applicable towards most situations -one of which would be one's emotional state.  The first step would be noticingadmitting, then only work on a solution.


All in all, this is an opiniated piece and not based on facts. Learning can be hard but let's not forget that we are all in this together!

Join us at The Hacker Collective where we are a community of self-learners applying the hacker mindset. A hacker mindset does not hold onto their ideologies, not knowing everything, it has to learn and experiment new things along the way!

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