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Massively grow any business with digital marketing SOPs & Templates.

The Ultimate Digital Marketing SOP & Template Pack is a collection of digital marketing strategy templates, with step-by-step instructions that you can use to grow any startup or agency.

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You don't need a full course in digital marketing

If you've been trying to find actionable content to help you grow your business or agency, this is how it usually goes:
You read a post about the SEO trends to look out for this year.
The post suggests that you should check your site for technical errors.
You decide to perform an SEO audit of your website (as recommended by the blog post).
When you're supposed to start, you're more like ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Swap “SEO” for email marketing, social media, email or any other digital marketing channels—and that's how most of the digital marketing content works.

That's because most of the digital marketing content you'll find online is not designed to help you grow your business, it's just designed to get your attention.

Most digital marketing content is just cheap entertainment disguised as information.

When we were first starting out, this was a significant issue for us because much of the information we found online was either generic or imprecise. No one was teaching us what we truly needed to know: how to perform tasks tactically and create procedures that genuinely help you start and grow a business.
As a result, we decided to take action. We've spent hundreds of hours developing documentation, walkthroughs, and templates to help our company conduct sophisticated digital marketing campaigns. Our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and templates are shown below.
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SOPs are EXTREMELY DETAILED instructions that anyone can follow to perform a specific task with 99% accuracy.

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Want to hire a VA to run a link-building campaign for your new blog? There's an SOP for that.
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Want to pre-launch a product and generate traffic to your startup? There's an SOP for that.
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Need to implement events to track button clicks on your site? There's an SOP for that.
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Wondering how to launch A/B test on your sales pages? There's an SOP for that.

We create SOPs for everything in our day-to-day operations.

From small tasks that take a few minutes, to complex processes that have dozens of steps.
SOPs help us to run huge, complicated campaigns (like releasing a product or simultaneously generating six online courses) without missing crucial processes, reducing the amount of errors we make and increasing the efficacy of our marketing approach.
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With SOPs, you can easily
scale your operations without
spending more of your own time doing it

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Easily delegate complex marketing tasks

Simply provide freelancers or virtual assistants the SOPs. No technological expertise is necessary. They'll be able to perform the work with 99 percent accuracy if they can read and operate a computer.
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Instantly offer new, high-ticket services to your clients

Follow proven processes to add new service offerings and close larger deals with comprehensive package services.
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Drastically reduce time to train new employees

Use standard operating procedures to quickly train new staff. They'll move from zero to billable hours faster than ever before.
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Build repeatable systems that make money on autopilot

Customise SOPs to fit your agency's needs and leverage them to build systems to grow your agency without trading your time for money.
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Increase client retention

Impress and delight clients by including SOPs in your deliverables. Put your own branding on SOPs and take all the credit for them!
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Save time and money

Don't spend time and resources figuring out technical details. Combine your strategy with our SOPs to launch your campaigns and get results in record time.
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Here's what's inside the SOP Library

This is the most comprehensive digital marketing library of world-class digital marketing SOPs, designed to teach you exactly what you need to know, and help you execute as quickly as possible.
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Analytics & Tracking SOPs & Templates
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Content Marketing SOPs & Templates
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Email Marketing SOPs & Templates
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Sales Funnels SOPs & Templates
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Operations SOPs & Templates
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Paid Advertising SOPs & Templates
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SEO SOPs & Templates
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Social Media SOPs & Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

How actionable are the templates?
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Extremely actionable. Each SOP is designed with a specific goal. Following its steps will allow anyone to complete a marketing task with 99% accuracy.

Can I download and edit the templates?
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Yes! We actually encourage you to download and make edits to our SOPs.

What is the requirement to use this template?
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From beginner to intermediate. It was initially created to help us onboard new members of our digital marketing team. Since then, it's become a more comprehensive digital marketing training platform. While the information is geared toward startups and those with a basic to intermediate grasp of web marketing, even specialists will find the majority of it quite useful.

Is it mobile and tablet friendly?
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Yes. The platform is 100% responsive and works on all mobile and tablet devices.

What secret tactics am I going to learn that no one else knows?
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None. You can learn everything in these courses through other people's blog posts, forums and your own trial-and-error.

There is absolutely nothing secret here and you can absolutely teach yourself digital marketing and learn it all on your own.

We designed this to make learning digital marketing easier and faster.

We've made it as easy and fast to learn as possible, but we won't be teaching you anything you can't learn on your own with enough time invested.

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