The Coding Fundamentals Programme

Start your coding journey by learning just-enough to build a self-playing game, your personal portfolio page & solve algorithm challenges while experiencing Sigma School's unique learning experience.
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By The End Of The Challenge, You will:

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Be able to connect the dots and understand the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, Javascript & Web APIs to build impressive web projects on your own through this programme designed specifically for beginners.
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Know if you enjoy coding, understand how to synergise between different technologies, while getting first-hand exposure to how software engineers think and work.
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Make new friends & experience of the beauty of Sigma School's collaborative learning experience.
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Receive a certificate of completion for Sigma School's Coding Fundamentals Programme
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Be fully capable of integrating tech into your current work, whatever it may be.
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Unlock additional mystery discounts, coupon codes and financial assistance.
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Get your first taste of what it's like to build software. We'll walk you through how it works and how to write it, and then you'll build multiple projects to show off your skills.
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Be skilled enough to for junior/intern-level position and gain the confidence to continue your learning journey in web development without being scared away by how complex it gets.
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Learn to Code. Upgrade Yourself Today.

  • The Coding Fundamentals Programme is a hybrid live and online, introductory coding course designed for beginners.
  • Get your first taste of what it's like to build software. We'll walk you through how it works and how to write it, and then you'll build multiple projects to show off your skills.
  • High-performing graduates can apply for grants to the Complete Software Development Programme, Sigma School's flagship course designed to land students jobs.
  • There's a massive tech talent-skill mismatch in the world now. We're on a mission to fix it & we want you to be a part of our journey.

Why are we doing this? We believe the education system is broken and there is a better approach to education.

Students are struggling to get jobs and struggling to pay back their student loans, yet employers are still struggling terribly to hire good talents. There is a massive, growing tech talent-skill mismatch in the world right now.
Almost ALL educators are not held accountable to help their students secure jobs. They simply have no incentive to ensure their graduates get hired – they get paid regardless. We're a squad of education-focused hustlers who know what life's like on the other side, and we're on a mission to fix this.
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Projects you'll be building (with many more impressive challenges and assignments along the way)

Portfolio Website

Work on a professional and aesthetic personal website that you can use to showcase yourself to potential employers, clients and partners.
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Spotify Clone

Recreate a static version of the world's leading music/podcast streaming platform with simple coding skills in HTML and CSS.
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Spotify Clone (with APIs)

Adding on to Project 2a, leverage the power of Javascript and APIs to make the Spotify clone come to life with real, dynamic data.
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Dino Game

Recreate the Dinosaur game, a web game developed by Google and built into Google Chrome browser. The user guides a pixelated Tyrannosaurus rex across a side-scrolling landscape, avoiding obstacles to achieve a higher score.
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Dino Game (with AI)

Adding on to Project 3a, now make the Dino Game self-playing!
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For Everyone Who Wants To
Challenge Themselves

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Are you new to tech?

Join The Coding Fundamentals Programme to see if you enjoy coding before committing to a full bootcamp.
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Are you a tech worker?

Boost your career by learning how software engineers think and work.
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Are you looking to start a tech business?

Learn how it all fits together to land clients and manage your tech team better.
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How Did We Design It?

Here's how we designed the challenge to show you our thought process behind it.
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Must help students be able to understand coding, help them take their first foot into coding.
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Must have actual projects built by the end of it, not learning for fun.
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Cannot be too difficult or too easy.
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Must be hands-on output-based learning.
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Must be social, collaborative & fun.
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Must allow students to experience working remotely in teams.

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How does it work?



Students get invited to our Introductory Ice Breaking Session on their respective batch launch date.


Students learn & complete pre-class learning materials, lectures, readings, and coding exercises independently.


Students start showing us they can think like a software developer by solving coding challenges independently.


When ready, students will be invited to join a group of 3 others to work on the final project together.


Congrats on finishing the course! All graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling unsure? These might help!
How long does it take?
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4 weeks if you're doing it ~8 hours a day.

What will I build?
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Project 1: Build an impressive portfolio website about yourself

Project 2a: Build a Spotify Clone

Project 2b: Integrate Project 2a with real APIs

Project 3a: Build Google Chrome's Dino Game

Project 3b: Make Project 3a self-playing

And many more impressive challenges and assignments along the way

What will I learn?
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DOM Manipulation


Computational Thinking

How will I learn?
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Through our internal social-learning platform.

Is it beginner friendly?
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The learning structure 100% designed for beginners. As long as you put in the work, you'll be able to solve it.

The projects can still be quite challenging to some even if you have some experience.

How much is it?
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USD 600   USD 500. Installments and early bird promo available!

RM 2,500   RM 2,150. Installments and early bird promo available!

Immerse yourself in the world of technology.

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