Sigma School's Student Referral Campaign

Earn RM500 with Sigma School's Referral Program!

Ever wanted to make easy money while helping someone change their life? Welcome to Sigma School's Student Referral Campaign! We're looking for new quality leads, and we're willing to pay for them.

Bring us a potential student, and when they enroll, you get RM500. It's that simple!

How it works

  1. Fill up this form to refer a student: Know someone interested in transitioning to a tech career? Send them our way!
  2. Initial Consultation: Once we receive your referral, our sales team will reach out for an initial consultation to see if they're a fit for Sigma School.
  3. Enrollment: If the lead you referred enrolls in one of our programs within 3 months, we'll pay you RM500!


Why Participate?

Ready to Start Earning?

Fill up this form here to get all the materials you'll need to start referring today. Don't miss out; this is a limited-time campaign!