Rethinking Coding Education
Why, How and What Must We Do About It Today.

Welcome to this 1.5 hour masterclass (45 minutes if you like to speed it up like I do) presented by the founders of The Sigma School. We recommend that you turn off all notifications and distractions and take notes while watching the video below to get the most value out of it!

You Will Learn About:

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Why Tech Is The Most Lucrative Career In The World, and what it means to scale With Tech.
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How Anyone Can Be A Developer Too , even if you have no experience or zero talent.
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Complete hands-on coding projects with personalized feedback and reviews.
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Why Is Now The Best Time To Land More Jobs/Projects Than Ever and how it works even better during a pandemic.
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How To Start Getting Job / Project Offers Fast , even if you have no previous experience or formal training.
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The Skills Employers Desperately Need and how they can be learned online quickly and directly, without student loans or an expensive degree.
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What Is The Hacker Mindset and how you can use it to skyrocket your personal growth to create a producer society.
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What The POWER Of This Tech Stack Is and how you can leverage it.
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Your 90 Day Roadmap To Becoming A Software Developer (the step-by-step guide).
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The Tools And Technology You Need To Succeed as a Modern Software Developer.

If You Stay Until The End...


You’ll get access to a really cool project that allows beginners connect the dots and understand the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Web APIs and utilising pre-trained machine learning models.


Unlock massive mystery bonuses/promocodes to The Sigma School’s initaitives, partners, services.


Take advantage of the financial assistance and scholarship packages we have ongoing now.

They all began right here, just like you!

Our students are from countries all over the world. When you join us, you’ll learn with a diverse, driven community, and connect to life-changing opportunities.
"Thank you Sigma School guidance and support along my freelancing journey! 100% recommend!"
ashley chan
Ashley Chan
"It's really great to have a same interest community to help you explore the technology world together as you will somehow feeling demotivated or lost at some point. Having a friend who share the same problems with and finding the solutions together is really helpful. I'm really glad to have found their beta-launch programme and making this journey together."
sitihawa haidrus
Sitihawa Haidrus
"As a graduated Pre-university student with a passion for coding. Interning here was one of the best choices I ever made! Working along with a capable and friendly team I was able to gain a sense of a community where I am able to hone my programming skills. I am extremely grateful to have such an excellent team leader and supervisor who are willing and able to explain the different complex codes that I faced. From my experience I would say that The Sigma School holds true to their belief of nurturing a diverse learning community where everyone is able to express their ideas freely and learn intelligently."
aidan wong
Aidan Wong
"If you are curious about coding and would like to try it, I highly recommend their beta-launch programme because they have mentors and a supportive community to encourage you to keep on learning, no one is stupid here, we are start from somewhere and you will enjoy the feeling of being able to learn something you thought was complex but it turns out to be something so interesting and enjoyable. The courses are set at a reasonable price (honestly best price out there compared to all the others coding academies). Please visit their website and register if you're curious."
Jo Yee
Jo Yee
"Was recommended to join by a friend and had such a great time and experience learning programming as a true beginner with zero background in programming. The programme is so affordable compared to other bootcamps around plus you get to reach out to the super friendly mentors for help anytime and also explore projects together with fellow beginners along the journey together. 100% recommended :D"
Melissa Lim
Melissa Lim
"Affordable fees, a welcoming and diverse learning community. Unlike in a university degree, where they focus more on theories and report writing, this is a good place to learn pure, practical coding."
Kelvin Tan
Kelvin Tan
"Would give 10 stars if I could. Definitely worth the time and the money, you would learn a lot of new tech stuff. Even with me being here in the Philippines and them being based on Malaysia, I had no issue in regards to classes and they always provide help anytime. I have managed to 2x my salary I was getting before joining them!"
Michael Munar
Michael Munar
"Enrolled in their beta program without any prior knowledge in full stack web development and it helped me to land my first two SWE internships as a Y1 student. The learning community is super diverse and supportive as well that it ensures no one is left behind in their self-taught journey! Would definitely recommend to give it a try and upskill yourself in these trying times."
clement tee
Clement Tee
"Its a place where you can meet the community of like-minded individuals with similar but different end goals from the programme. Definitely hesitated prior to joining, afraid that it's a scam but took the risk & I'm not regretting the decision so far."
Joanne Tong
Joanna Tong