Design, develop, deploy quality web / mobile apps, at blazing speed, at the most affordable rates!

We build software cheaper, better and faster than traditional agencies by leveraging on our unfair advantage to a remote squad of students with exceptional raw tech skills.
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Early bird incentives available
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We believe there is a better approach to building good software.

Tech evolves constantly. Today, websites have changed, and so should the way you create them. They shouldn't cost you more than necessary; and it's our job to make sure you work with cutting-edge technologies to make your website/web apps attractive and user-friendly to users and customers.
Our entire business model relies on us innovating and experimenting with modern, future-proof tech, so you know for a fact you tech is in good hands with us. We have experts to run the show and manage the junior developers.
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Why are we doing this?

There's a massive skills gap in the industry right now. We're here to fill in that gap for both the students and employers.
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University students struggle to get jobs because they graduate with no real-world experience. They simply lack the skills needed to add value to real companies.
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Companies struggle to hire good talents.
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Companies have no good way to vet talents before hiring them, besides a university degree. Why not a short project to work on with them first?
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Startups get burned all the time by freelancers or expensive tech team just to build out their MVP.

Driven. Passionate. Down To Earth. Sigma Labs.

Sigma School was founded with the vision of providing a credible, direct path for students to go straight into jobs. We achieve this though Sigma Labs - our student-led development agency which enables the best and brightest students in tech to make impact to real companies.
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Who would benefit the most from this?

We try to meet the needs and impress all the different parties involved!
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We understand how tough it is to stand out online, therefore we make sure your website stands out by building a site with an appealing style and sharp designs - all while staying within your budget!
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We construct very attractive websites by proposing the ideal layout, creating high-quality designs and graphics, and ensuring that visitors can quickly discover what they need without getting lost in all of your material.
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Big businesses understand the importance of a user-friendly website, therefore they frequently collaborate with us and other agencies on the creative process of creating one that meets all of their requirements.
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We are eager to work with the appropriate firms and assist them in creating stunning websites for their clients.
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High potential students/learners who are approaching graduation and want to get their hands dirty on real-world code.
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Basically any individual/corporation who wants direct access to an additional pipeline for great new talents, who has interesting ideas to explore for their business, who wants to outsource work, who wants to build Minimum Viable Products (MVP).

Led by tech experts
and top student developers

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Frontend, Backend or Full Stack Web Applications

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Full Funnel Landing Pages

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iOS / Android Mobile Apps

Future-proof technologies managed by experienced tech leads

Trust us with the tech, we use tech used by billion dollar startups, can't go wrong with that!
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Hiring partners we're working with

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We'll set you up for success

We create websites from the ground up, following industry best practises to guarantee the best experience for your users.

Creating websites from ground up with industry's best practices

We don't only create websites; we also design them to the highest industry standards. We'll be there with you every step of the way, from start to finish, to bring your vision to life using cutting-edge technology that will change the way people engage with your company online.

Integrations with Analytics for Conversion Optimisation

Assists businesses in successfully communicating their message

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank higher on Google

Custom Integrations & No-code tools

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Choose A Track

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Pay per student

We charge you a small fee to place our students at your firm. You deal directly with them and manage them on your own.
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Pay us a fee for project management

We charge a fee on top of the base amount per student to help you manage the students to give you the peace of mind.
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Outsource a project directly to us

Forget everything about student software developers. You want software work done? We got you.

How it works

In simpler terms, here's a simple 5 step process on how we onboard new clients!
Reach out or sign up on this website.
Share your requirements and brainstorm with us.
Depending on your preferred working style, we'll assign project managers or student developers to you.
Start work!

Need software work done? Give Sigma Labs a shot.