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How this computer animation graduate plans to lower the barriers to entry to building a tech startup with low/no-code tools 

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15th April 2024

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In this episode of Stories of Hackers, we chatted with Aiman. Aiman is a computer animation graduate and had been working in a local startup for about three years, now he’s on a mission to lower the barriers to entry to building a tech startup with low/ no-code tools. We hope you guys will enjoy this interview and learn some interesting insights from him, enjoy!

Hey, can you give our community an introduction of yourself?

Hello guys, my name is Aiman and i was a business development role at a local startup in Malaysia.I started my journey, working in the startup scene around three years ago and during my work experience, i kind of like get more interested in technology and software development and that's why i wanted to transition into this space. 

I studied as an art student in columbia college Chicago and i was studying a computer animation course, halfway through my study,i kind of like getting interested in startup and technology in general so  i took an internship back in Malaysia at a startup company in malaysia and i kinda like it. I mean, the whole ecosystem where everything is fast-paced and challenging

and especially in the IT department because I also have to communicate with the developer frequently. That's when I first started to get into this scene and upon graduation, I applied for a job at a startup company and the rest is history.

What's your plans moving forward? I mean what made you leave such a good job in the startup?

My plan moving forward is I want to start my own agency that solves quite a huge problem in not only the startup, but in any company in general. When I was still in my business development role,  I found that when I communicate with the developer ,there's a lot of back and forth and a lot of resources that need to be used to create a digital product. I think that's a huge issue and a huge problem to be solved. One of my goals right now is to find a solution to build an easy solution or a faster solution that enables people to bring their ideas into reality.

Can you share with us more about your idea of this agency that you're building?

The thing is, a lot of people have a lot of good ideas but they don't know how to structure their ideas, structure their plan and come up with doable and tangible steps and action to make the ideas happen.

The barrier of entry is quite high in the tech industry because you need to invest a lot of time, energy into learning how to code for example.  There's a lot of development in the software design space and over time this barrier of entry will go lower and will go down and that's what I'm excited about. I want to help lower down the barrier of entry because I want to be a contributor to turn their ideas into reality. 

When you have your agency in the future,how do you intend to solve this problem for the thousands of entrepreneurs out there?

You know in the software and tech industry, it is growing so fast that they have an issue

where they cannot find people with the proper skills to help with the growth.I think there should be another space or another niche in the software development industry where people can create multiple drag and drops, low code or no code solution for people like me in general, who don't know how to code, to  just structure their thinking and then make sure that they follow the proper path and then come up with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and then validate the ideas. 

What makes you motivated to wake up every day and for the next 10 years?

That's a huge question and it's quite hard for me to answer but I'll try my best. Next five years,  I think right now we are on the cusp of growth in multiple different areas in software development and it's never too late to join. I want to try my best to contribute to the community, to help these ideas come to fruition. To be able to help people in structuring their ideas in a deliberate manner, in a structured manner and then bring the ideas to the market

So if i understand correctly, you are currently in the learning phase and took a break from your work, exploring various technologies to see where your future career is going to be. Tell us what's the journey like you know for someone who is learning full time? 

You have to be very disciplined in whatever you're doing so that's one thing, have a system, a structured system on a day-to-day basis. For me, my daily task right now is to absorb as much as possible, to learn and come up with the conclusion on a weekly basis. You're gonna have to have a reflection of what you have learned and be honest with yourself if it's not contributing to your goal.

I'm in the process of  building my first project as well and honestly speaking the journey itself has been just ups and downs for me but the main thing is that you don’t stop asking people about it. Just go to forums and ask about whatever things that you are stuck with. 

Can you share with us what’s the exciting opportunities for the projects that you're in now?

You know many people face this problem and this is the problem that I am facing currently in learning how to code. I'm trying to build a curated library of best practices in building a tech product and briefly speaking is just like a space for you to see how other people do things visually and how people build products from zero to you know to completion.

Right now the product is still in its infancy stage as I just started this project a month ago but it's coming along quite well and I'm very excited to show you guys what i've been working on very soon.

Great stuff, now before we come to a close, do you have any message you want to share with our community?

There's a lot of people on their journey,you are probably a student or you're probably someone who is working while learning or you're probably unemployed. A good thing to do when you are starting your learning journey is to find a community. By having a community, you will train yourself to network and to find people with similar ideas,  similar minds. And that’s how I came across The Hacker's Collective, for me having a support system, a support network of people who self-learn has been such a great help in making sure that you're on the right track, you're on direct track in achieving your goal.

Thanks for the awesome interview !

Hope you enjoyed this series!

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