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Is a $ 10 000 Coding Bootcamp For You?

Sigma School
7th February 2024

Today, we will discuss about what a coding bootcamp is, the cost of attending one bootcamp, the pros and cons of joining, things to consider before enrolling, and alternative options.

What is a coding bootcamp, and what’s the average cost?

What is the average cost of a bootcamp? The investment in coding can lead to high-paying software developer jobs and lucrative projects, not everyone may find the cost justifiable. Overall, coding bootcamps can be valuable for upskilling oneself, but whether or not they are worth the cost depends on individual circumstances.

Pros of Bootcamp

In terms of the pros of a coding bootcamp, it offers a structured curriculum and guidance from instructors, which is helpful for those who need more discipline in their learning process. However, one of the cons is the high cost of tuition, and it may not be the best investment for everyone. Additionally, not all bootcamps are of high quality, and some instructors may not provide the best education. Some factors to consider before joining a coding bootcamp, such as the level of risk involved in quitting a job to attend full-time and the quality of instructors at the bootcamp. Finally, the world needs more bootcamps for the average person and that building great projects is the best way to learn and progress.

Cons of a bootcamp

The cons of attending a coding bootcamp include the high cost, the need to commit full-time, the workload and stress, the uncertainty of success, and the questionable quality of instructors and certifications. However, there are also advantages such as focus on learning, guidance in building projects, and opportunities for those in the middle class. While there are free resources available, they may not provide deep learning or the necessary project-building experience. Overall, the quality of the bootcamp and its instructors are important considerations.

Factors to consider joining a coding bootcamp

Joining a coding bootcamp is a big investment, and it's important to consider various factors to make an informed decision. Full-time bootcamps can be risky, as you may have to quit your job and deal with added pressure, which could affect your self-confidence. However, for some, this pressure can be a motivator to succeed. Part-time bootcamps are a good option for those who cannot afford to quit their job or have other commitments. It's also essential to understand your goals for joining a bootcamp, as not everyone wants to become a software developer. Some may want to upskill or add coding to their current job to increase their value and salary. Lastly, it's important to consider your personal commitments, such as having a family, and how they may affect your ability to commit to a full-time bootcamp. Overall, it's crucial to weigh all these factors before making a decision.

Expectation after completing the bootcamp

Everyone has different goals when joining bootcamps such as starting freelancing or a tech startup. Another group of people are those who have a degree and experience in a specific field, such as accounting, but want to understand how software can make their work easier and explore new opportunities. Upskilling is important, as technology like AI and GPT can improve productivity. An accountant who can code and use GPT can become more productive and may even create a product that helps other accountants.

Alternatives to joining a bootcamp

The pros are the freedom to explore and learn at your own pace. However, a con is the need for self-guidance and the difficulty in quantifying the time and opportunity cost involved. The speaker also discusses the advantages of attending a coding bootcamp, such as the potential for faster career progression and the accountability of the bootcamp for your success. He argues that bootcamps should provide a money-back guarantee rather than charging exorbitant fees or offering deferred payment plans.

Fresh graduates joining universities

Whether to go to university or a coding bootcamp to become a software developer depends on individual circumstances. Universities may lack problem-solving skills, and students may be in debt for years after graduation. Free resources are available, but coding bootcamps offer faster learning for a cost. The Explorer Lab is a free resource to explore whether technology is right for you, covering topics like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The program is designed to help you decide if tech is right for you and offers a roadmap and a Discord community for support.


In conclusion, whether to join a coding bootcamp or not depends on personal goals, commitment level, and financial situation. It's important to research different bootcamps and explore free resources like the Explorer Lab before making a decision. Going to university may be a better option for those who want to enjoy their life, while a coding bootcamp may be better for those who want to get a job as fast as possible. 

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