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You don't need a degree to succeed in tech !!

Sigma School
05/04/2022 04:14AM

Is it really true? You do not need a degree to become a professional coder or getting a successful career in IT?

Well... yes. A lot of universities are not going to like what I say, but truth to be told, what you need are 2 things. Passion and Commitment.

Passion in technology. To truly love what you do, to get excited when you learn something new. Technology is an ever growing field that requires constant learning and development. Without it, your skills learnt up during uni days will be fast outdated.
When I interview individuals for junior roles, what I always ask is what side projects have they done. Any passionate developer will always have side projects because their curiosity will always get the better of them. They just want to build and learn new things. This is one of the hallmarks of a truly good developer. Someone that loves to explore, tinker and always being curious.

Commitment is another aspect. Commitment to continuously develop and build your skills. There will be times where things are new and you are uncertain how to do something. It requires patience and commitment to work at it and build up your skill level in that area. The constant youtubing, reading up on articles and practice is what will improve your skill and get you to that next level.

Wait a minute, so you are saying I can skip that 3 years of uni, and still get a great paying job in IT??

I'm saying yes, provided you have the top 2 criteria's above. It's not about the degree, or what uni you came from. It's about what you can do, have done and will be able to do on the job. It's about how independent you can be on your own, how you solve problems on your own and learn up new skills fast.

But learning alone is tough. Uni has the support group, teachers, guides, mentors. Friends that I can learn from.

Whoa whoa, hold on. I'm not saying that uni is bad. I'm just saying you do not need a degree to get a great paying job. You still can go to Uni and be a rock star coder when you get out. But what I am saying is that there's many other ways, often cheaper faster and better ways to get you on your journey towards being that master coder.

The issue with universities is that it's too exam oriented. There's a syllabus you have to follow. It often stops students from being curious, from going out of the syllabus and learning new things on their own, just because it's not in the exam topics for that semester.    
- Ming (A hacker at The Hacker Collective)

At The Hacker Collective, we are launching high performance self-directed learning groups

What is it all about? We believe that whilst you don't need a degree, individuals learn the best when they are in a group, learning together and going through the challenges together. They have a general guide that will direct them on their learning path towards mastery. At The Hacker Collective. we believe this is the best and fastest way to upskill yourself towards being a job ready coder.
We offer 2 things that we believe are key to high performance group learning
1) A strong passionate group of individuals that have a common goal (to become job
ready coders)
2) A road map that guides the group towards a common learning path, so individuals are
not lost. They have a general idea, but are required to find their own way along this

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